Level 1 Model Builder: 13.9.3 Activity: Add Primary Grid to Volume Entry Page


The instructions tell me to enable editing however this is not an option to me as it is greyed out. Have I missed a setting somewhere back in the process?





  • @PaulBirch 

    Interesting problem. Well, REV02 which appears to the module your using only has one line item and it's a calculated line item so it can't be edited anyway. Although, you shouldn't be prevented from toggling to make it editable - I can't seem to repeat that problem. If you really want to edit the data I would suggest using DATA02 but that's at SKU level.

    Try rebuilding the worksheet by using a custom view (not a saved view) and see if that helps.

  • Hello, 


    I have exactly the same problem and can't find a solution even using a custom view.
    I also tried with the Level 1 Model Building Example to see if I made a mistake building my model through the activities but it is the same. The "allow editing button" is always grey and can't be activated, no matter which module I use (not only for REV02).


    Can you think of any other solution?

  • I am also having this problem in Level 1 Model Building.


    The error I am seeing is "you cannot insert nor delete a list item on a personal page".


    Does anyone have a solution?



  • Same here, waiting for solution
  • Hi All,

    This is a problem with using 'My Pages'. 


  • My colors are not showing up purple and then black for the totals? Any idea on how to fix this