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I am currently working on a scenario planning model, where I have two custom versions lists. My first list is a "modeling scenario" list, which is user editable. And once the users decide to lock their assumptions, they create a new "snapshot scenario" and run a process to copy over the data from the modeling scenario to the snapshot scenario. However, in the way that the process has been set up, my users are able to overwrite a snapshot scenario multiple times. Is there a way to filter out what snapshot scenario is blank and can therefore take a modeling scenario mapping?


  • @riddhishah17 


    I have solved this before using a Dependent Dropdown. See the example below:

    First off, I have replicated a module that has many different snapshot versions on it. (B1,B2, etc) This is where I would store the snapshots that you do not want to be edited. 




    As data gets populated, I am creating a filter that shows that that particular version has Data.




    I am then using that filter to drive a property that is used in the dependent drop-down. I am saying that if the Filter is checked, don't display anything, otherwise display Yes (Or whatever list member you want to use as the property.)



    Since that version has been used, it is no longer able to be selected from my dependent dropdown. 



    Now as more snapshot versions get populated, the available list continues to shrink and does not allow for you to import over data that has already been populated. Dynamic Cell Access (DCA)  could also help if you need to display the snapshotted data anywhere to lock it down so that users cannot manually edit it. 


    Hope this helps!


  • That is a great approach @jasonblinn , 


    I have done it using DCA till now, You will need 4 more line items to do it.

    Line item 1 - Locking Driver(Boolean) - Set it as true

    Line Item 2 - snapshot scenario Flag(Boolean) - no formula

    Line Item 3 - Read Driver (Boolean) - if item(Scenario List)= Scenario List.snapshot scenario and snapshot scenario Flag then true else false

    Line item 4 - Write Driver (Boolean) - Not(Read Driver)


    Use the read and writer driver for DCA


    Now to make this work update your saved view for action and make sure you import from Locking Driver to snapshot scenario Flag after copy action . Keep action separate and you can put both in a process.

    This will allow you user to update once but not second time as it will be locked once flag is imported.

    You can also Create an admin action just to reset the flag back to normal at the time of reforecast. add a new line item for that .




  • Thank you, @jasonblinn and @abhay.kanik! I will try the approaches and let you know how they worked.