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I'm not sure how to sync module information, specifically:

Thank you!!

  • Data Source: Module views >> REV03 Margin Calculation >> Forecast Periods 





  • Hi @stukcup ,


     I can see you have created some view under loan management module, all other having default module. Click on the module/view it will publish to the dashboard


    2. Click on update

    3. On the left hand side you can see card configuration, click on Content & ON the sync button.



    Hope this helps!



  • @Akhtar.shahbaz  Thank you for your advice, however...


    1. I added the grid card

    2. clicked configuration

    3. Module view

    4. Time - default

    5. Update

    Below is what it looks like, 



  • @JaredDolich Can you please assist?


  • @stukcup 

    Hi! Again, you're very close. @Akhtar.shahbaz idea is right on. Here are some suggestions.

    • Configure your calendar (the "include" section) to look like the below image - no checkmarks. You don't need Half years. Also, with your custom view, you should only have forecast months. Use your Boolean filter from your SYS00 Module (Forecast Period?)
    • To synchronize you will see that option in the "context" section in your screenshot. Click on that tab and make sure they're turned on. Your board should look like the image below, or be kind of close to this.


  • @JaredDolich  Thank you.

    However, it appears I deleted my Margin Summary page by accident.

    Is there a way to bring it back? Or do I need to find the lesson in which I created it, and start over?


    I'm so sorry for the confusion!




  • @stukcup 

    You'll need to re-create it; but, it's not that hard. Good practice for you and will make you super confident in your page building! We're here to help you too. You got this!

  • Thank you @JaredDolich !!


    The reason I couldn't load before is that I had attached the wrong model to the page. Thanks for your encouragement!