Excel Add-in No Access Error



The following problem occurred : Excel Add-in does not allow me to look at the Saved Views of some modules, giving the error No Access.

It is important to note, that the modules themselves are large, but there is much less data in Saved Views.

Is there any solution to this problem, provided that you do not want to build a “clone” of the module on the subset instead of the full list?

Nikolay Pyatakhin, Anaplan Model Builder


  • @NikolayPyatakhin 

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    Make sure your using version 4 Excel AddIn. There used to be a limitation preventing you from using saved views but that has been removed with the new version. Also, there used to be a 1MM insert cell limit but has also been resolved as of April. Lastly, With the Excel Add-in (from 4.0), you can contact Anaplan Support directly from the ribbon, by choosing "Help" and then "Contact Support". This generates a pre-populated support email with technical information attached and at the bottom, as well as a set of questions for you to answer in order to help our support team understand your concern.

  • @JaredDolich 

    Thank you for your answer!