Remove a selective access by import


@Tomishand I recently needed to have the ability to remove selective access for certain users from a selection module and a model-to-users import.

The documentation on Anapedia is not very clear on the subject so I thought I’d detail the steps here.

We import the code of the items to add in the Read / Write though importing only adds the items to the user access.


Importing codes in the None field will remove the corresponding items from the user access. 

In the example below, importing a line item containing one country in the Geo L1 None will remove the corresponding country, and only this one.



It would be great to see Anapedia updated to make this a bit clearer!


  • @PreviousUserAccount

    Nice catch. I haven't had the need to use this yet but I'm sure it's inevitable, especially if there are a lot of users. Thanks for sharing this. +1 vote to update Anapedia.

    Also, there's an idea on the exchange to make this more formal by @Mark_W_Shemaria .


  • Yes, agreed that this should be documented better.  Making it so this has to be rediscovered over and over is not the best. 

    I implemented this process years ago after the original concept of applying "No Access" to clear selective access  (recommended by Anaplan) turned out to be too system-intensive and they asked that we didn't do that anymore.  LOL. 

    One other tip is that if selective access security changes and you're applying new security via a model-to-model import, you'll need to clear the existing security before applying the new... selective access is amended during an import, not replaced.  That caused some heartburn when we were building out our initial set of models, but at least we found out before we went live.  Our QA folks really earned their pay on that project...  

    Feel free to go check out my HUB session from 2018 that discusses creation of a separate User Configuration model to handle user security in a centralized fashion so that it can be served out in a hub-and-spoke manner to user models.  It might make your life a lot easier!

    Have a good week!


  • @Stacey_Gibbens 

    Just finished watching this video. Brilliant hidden gem - wow, I wish I saw this before I started my last project. Would have saved a lot of time. Thanks for sharing this Stacey. Simon Properties are beautiful. Wow! Hope you all came out okay with the Pandemic and all.