level 2 conclusion DEM04 Demand Saved View

Does the below screenshot look correct for the DEM04 Saved View? The directions say that the product should only have a Product SKU Level. Also, are we supposed to actually export out a copy of the saved view?





  • @drathod 

    You're on the right track. When you export data it's best to try to get all the data into columns so it can be used by applications outside of Anaplan. Something like this would be more ideal.


  • @JaredDolich 


    thank you for confirming. I put everything into columns so there is no page selectors. When i try and import  the DEM04 data into DATA02 SKU module, it doesnt seem to work and is giving me the below errors. Should i be setting the "Data Values From" section to something specific? I tried both Location Code and SKU Code column but both are giving me issues.








  • @drathod 

    Ooo. Thanks. Appreciate the screenshots. That helps! Try filtering out all the time periods except the months. You should already have time system module to do that. If not, create a module with TIME only. Use Months as the grain and create a Boolean and set the formula to "TRUE". Then use that as filter on your saved view. See if that helps!

  • @JaredDolich 


    Awesome, so I filtered to use months only (screenshot below). Still getting errors when I import. I know i'm almost there. probably just missing something simple.






  • @drathod Ooops. Sorry. Do the same for SKU and Region. You only want SKUs and Regions. No parents. Just use your system modules to create the Booleans. Super advanced but if you want to try it's always best to have one filter on the rows, meaning a single Boolean that filters what you want. Not a big deal but as you get better at creating saved views and automating your actions you'll want to make them as efficient as possible. For now, if you add three filters, one for time, sku, and region, that's okay but with really large data sets there will be a performance impact.