Level 1: Anaplan cannot see "dot" as decimal separator


Hi everyone, 

I don't know if someone encounters the same problem as me: whenever I import data containing dot as decimal separator into anaplan, it does not recognise the dot and include the decimal party in the absolute value. For example, this is the value imported




And this is the value affiched: 



Here's the format number, decimal point is already "dot".



Does anyone knows how to correct it? Please help. Many thanks. 




  • @**** 

    You're so close. Kudos for finding the formatting screen! When we import the data you'll be presented with a slightly different screen that allows you to designate the decimal place. Here's a screenshot. Try importing the data again but this time check the decimal place.


  • Fanny
    Thanks a lot JaredDolich for your quick reply. You are adorable.