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Will there be "Train the Trainer" courses beyond Level 2, so our Team can be certified Anaplan trainers?


If so, has the course changed titles? We can't seem to locate any current "Train the Trainer" courses.


Thank you for any help you can provide.


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  • JaredDolich
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    Great question. This is an ongoing conversation first started by @matthewkuo. There is a a Level 1 Train the Trainer which just completed. Not sure when the next one is but you can contact @abewley who normally teaches the course. I didn't see any courses scheduled right now. 

    If you learn anything new, let us know. Frankly, I'll be the first to sign up for Level 2 train the trainer.

    There are other options right now for people to learn Anaplan. Wondering if the academy is relying on them more.

    • Correlation One
    • Skill Factory
    • Anaplan Elevate


  • Misbah



    Not sure if there are many who have taken this course here...You can drop an email to to get quick updates on this.



  • Thank you @Misbah

  • Agree with you on the Level 2 if offered as a Train the Trainer. I'll look into the items you suggested. Thank you @JaredDolich

  • @Adam - any insights as to whether there are plans to roll out official L2 "Train-The-Trainer" certification course for instructors? The demand has been growing and would be nice to have a structured program. I've put together materials I've been using internally at PwC, happy to share if helpful.


  • I cannot speak on behalf of Anaplan, but I believe that sadly there will be no L2 TTT