level 2 sprint 3 hide/show selections in UX page


Hello everyone!

In the Sprint 3 of level 2 I need to build a UX page with INV01. I have to follow this direction :

  • Do not show the Safety Stock Exception Count, PO Submitted, and Confirmed PO Delivery line items.ValentineLS_0-1627381283472.png

    (on my screen I can't find the "eye" button)

However I have some trouble finding the way to do that. Could someone lend a hand?

Have a great day!


  • Misbah



    1.Go to Page designer mode by clicking on the pencil icon at the top of the page.

    2. Go to Card designer mode by clicking on the Pencil Icon at the top right section of the card

    3. Again Click on the pencil icon in the card configuration panel


    4. You should be able to see and click the eye icon only if you have used Custom views but if you have used Module Views then you won't be able to see the eye icon. In that case you have to go back to the model and make changes in the saved view of the module.


    Hope that helps



  • It's alright I found the solution 😅 

    It's just that I selected module views instead of custom views when I was choosing my data source.

  • Haha you were faster than me. Thank you for the confirmation!