Event Recording: Master Anaplanner Q&A | Einas Ibrahim (Feb 10, 2021)

edited January 2023 in Academy Discussions

On February 10, 2021, the Learner's Lounge hosted a virtual Q&A with Master Anaplanner Einas Ibrahim (@einas.ibrahim). The original event wrap-up (along with follow-up questions and answers) were originally hosted in the Forum here, but we are now adding it to the group's knowledge base archive. 

In this event, Einas discusses her journey to becoming a Master Anaplanner and the career growth that has come with it. 


  • I LOVE how I look in the still image above. 😂

    That was a good event and I really enjoyed the very thoughtful questions I got to answer.

  • AaronW

    ...yeah, wish we had more control over that, @einas.ibrahim. We all look great! 🤣