Informatica Scheduled job


I have an Informatica Linear Taskflow that consists of running some exports in Anaplan (via mappings) and then moving the output files to an FTP via Informatica FileProcessor (with Filemove in a Synchornization Task). This works great, when Anaplan has data to export. The problem is that this job is scheduled to run 3 times a day and there isn't always data in Anaplan to be exported, so sometimes the job pulls a file with headers only which isn't useful at all.


Is there a way I can avoid those "empty" export files?


Any advice is appreciated.




  • I reached out to global customer support and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Just to give you an update on what I've done at the moment is I had created a new Linear task flow and I added my integration jobs to this new task flow and that's running without any issues.