Notificate to several People


Hello, I want to use notification function and send a email to several person.

We have to select Lineitem which has user List to use Notification function.

But, User List can have only 1 item.


Could you tell me a idea?


  • Hi @hyudolee!


    Unfortunately, this is how the notification works at the moment.

    You can:
    1. Make LI to send notification via "Mail to". You will prepare the template and lists, but the user will actually send the email themselves.
    2. Use external developments (for example, Anaplan Connect can export text and users on a schedule, and the server will generate e-mails.
    3. To support the development ideas of UX.

  • Hi, AntonMineev!

    Thanks for replay!


    I understand.

    I will use anaplan connect,ok.