How to access Page options as a page builder in designer mode


I am working on an app with lots of pages built by other people. I have no clue to which module/view are linked all the grids/charts/cards, etc. in the app. The model is huge with lots of modules inside.  


As you can see, on the top right there's no cog icon so I cannot access as page builder in designer mode. I already have role "full access" so I don't think it's because of role restriction. Am I looking at the wrong place? Thanks for your help. 






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    I believe you will need Page Builder mode to find out.

  • @rob_marshall 

    thanks for your reply. I am trying to get the role Page builder. However when I click on Administration I found a broken link as you can see below. Does it happen only to me or to everyone? May I have you advice? Thanks a lot for your help.



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    You will need to get your Tenant admin to set it up for you.

  • Thanks a lot Rob. Have a nice day.