Anaplan’s Intelligence Capabilities Deliver Real-Time Insights


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Rapid and unanticipated market changes require business leaders to leverage internal and external data to predict the future, rather than extrapolate from the past, in order to orchestrate the business performance needed for tomorrow. A modern, intuitive, intelligent, and holistic approach to planning that breaks down traditional operating silos is required to deliver business success.

Anaplan’s intelligence capabilities deliver real-time insights with advanced predictive and machine learning capabilities. This allows customers to:
  • Analyze patterns and insights to predict and drive optimal outcomes.
  • Quickly uncover, analyze, and pursue your most relevant opportunities.
  • Maintain a 360-degree view of external and internal factors to drive better, faster decisions.


Business users can incorporate intelligent forecasting into their planning processes all directly within Anaplan. Intelligent forecasting improves forecast accuracy, allowing businesses to plan better for the future. PlanIQ makes intelligent forecasting easily accessible and allows customers to scale their forecast solutions as their business grows.


PlanIQ allows you to:

  • Easily set up PlanIQ by selecting Anaplan module data for model training. Verify model quality using metrics provided by the platform.
  • Align forecasts with business planning cycles using the scheduler or run forecasts ad-hoc for what-if analysis.
  • Scale-up and expand into additional forecasting use-cases without dependency on external teams.

How customers are using PlanIQ:

A global mining company had inconsistent forecasts across customer segments that often had to be manually overwritten by sales managers, taking time away from value-added activities.

With PlanIQ, the customer saw a 2-8 percent increase in forecast accuracy over a six-month time range, depending on the segment. This not only increased trust in the forecasts but also saves sales managers valuable time.

Companies need to be able to plan with agility and intelligence to deliver financial success for their success and stakeholders. Leveraging Anaplan’s intelligence offerings, customers can have a comprehensive view of internal and external data and signals, analyze patterns and insights to drive optimal outcomes, and ultimately focus on what matters most and execute effectively.

Predictive Insights

Predictive Insights provides an in-depth view of your ideal customers, enabling business leaders to make more data-driven decisions when building out their growth strategy. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze internal and external customer data, Predictive Insights helps sales leaders categorize accounts and focus on areas that are most likely to have the highest impact on revenue.


Predictive Insights allows you to:

  • Leverage external global firmographic, technographic, hiring, and intent data sets, as well as customer internal data to better understand customers and prospect accounts.
  • Adopt Anaplan’s advanced proprietary AI engine to glean insights and understand buying signals from millions of pieces of data.
  • Get a holistic view of the total addressable market, including known and new accounts.
  • Enhance account segmentation and scoring, territory, quota, and sales capacity planning.

How customers are using Predictive Insights:

A cybersecurity firm that traditionally served enterprise customers saw that there were opportunities in the mid-market but it wasn’t sure how to pursue them. The company needed an effective way to prioritize the sales team’s time and marketing spend to capture this segment.

Using Predictive Insights to analyze and rank accounts allowed the customer to enter the mid-market segment efficiently. They were able to prioritize top accounts, which had five times the likelihood to reach the 50 percent opportunity stage with nearly four times larger deal sizes.


Optimizer is powered by an advanced algorithm-based engine that can determine optimal solutions to complex business problems involving any number of variables and constraints. Businesses have complex planning challenges that require trade-offs to make optimal decisions. Understanding and calculating each possible outcome would be extremely time-consuming and, in many cases, impossible. Optimizer intelligently identifies the right combination to produce the best-fit solution for the company.


Optimizer allows you to:

  • Run linear optimization with no coding needed.
  • Define objectives and goals based on variables and constraints to determine the best-fit solution.
  • Consider trade-offs between options, consequences, and success.
  • Run billions of possible solutions, routes, and recommendations to solve a specific business scenario.

How customers are using Optimizer:

A technology firm leverages Optimizer for its territory and quota management process.

Before Optimizer, their sales planning process was an administrative burden at the end of Q4. Moving a salesperson or account from one territory to another could take hours—time that the sales leaders could not afford during such a critical time.

Optimizer has saved the company days, in sales planning. Incorporating the new Anaplan UX into their sales planning process has turned sales planning into a fast, visual, and data-based activity, rather than an administrative chore. When paired with the UX, Optimizer has allowed the company to move to a more fluid, ongoing territory management planning process.

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