Export not Utilizing Filters


Hi Anaplan Community,


I am working on a dashboard that includes a module with 3 dimensions (list 1, list 2, list 3), one for each dimension. On the dashboard there is an additional a module with a single line item that is list formatted. The second module is page synchronized and works as a drop down selector for the dashboard. 


My issue is that when I export after selecting each page for each dimension on the first module, and update the second module, the exported does not restrict to the page by selections I made. 


Is anyone aware if this issue could be specifically driven by the second module's page synchronization on the dashboard?





  • If I understood correctly, you did not link Line item from the second module to drive the view on the main module.

    To restrict export view you may have to build an export sourced by a saved view where your drop-down selector line item is a filter driver.