Subset of LIS


Question: I have a requirement where I need to create two LIS for the same module.


Assume Module has 4 line items (number formated)

- Line item 1, Line item 2, Line item 3, Line item 4.


1st LIS will have line items(1 & 2) checked.

2nd LIS will have line items(3 & 4) checked.


To achieve the above I will have to create two separate LIS, is it not possible to create just one LIS, and then we can create a subset of that LIS.


Can we consider this as a future road Map?


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  • Misbah
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    No, that's not possible currently. Although the idea is good but you still need to create a subset of LIS and make the selections in the subset, whether you do it one LIS or Two the process still remains same.