Run model-to-model imports in Anaplan on a schedule that works best for you

You can use the native capabilities in CloudWorks to distribute data from the Data Hub to Spoke models, or between different models in the platform, any time you want with its model-to-model import functionality.
No activation or add-on services are required to use this—everything you need to get started is in CloudWorks today.
TL:DR: You don't need technical resources to run model-to-model imports in the platform; new functionality now available through the CloudWorks user interface.
Get up to speed with the following resources:


  • Thanks @AnnaM This is a game changer.

  • Hi @AnnaM ,


    I would like to know if this works for the below scenario.


    Test Model - Worksapce 1

    Prod Model - Workspace 2

    If there is a process which pulls the data from the test model into Prod model( As both the models are in the different workspace will this work?) 



    Riyaz Pasha


    Riyaz Pasha