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I am sure this is very basic but much appreciate any advice. 


I need to consolidate 2 P&L say Entity A and Entity B. Assuming both P&Ls are in 2 different modules (Module A and B) and both have different P&L line items.  Module C is the consolidated module. I need to bring A and B onto C's P&L (assuming all 3 P&L line items are different, so A and B need to be mapped to C's P&L line items). In module C, I would like to see Entity A, B and Consolidated P&L. 

How do I go about doing that? I am stuck cos if I set up entities as a List, I cant bring in the P&L of A and B from different modules cos the formula will apply to just 1 module. Thank you. 



  • Hi,

    Not super sure whether i understood question completely or not.

    My suggestion would be create one Entity list -> Use Subsets for Entity A, Entity B, Another Subset with both together or complete Entity itself

    By doing this all modules will have same dimension -> Entity, Different P&L items.

    U can add different P&L items into consolidated module and can refer data from Module A, B by direct reference

    You can manage updating subset by using import actions

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  • Hi,


    Not sure if this works for you, but I would have made  Subsets and new List .


    example Entity A has 3 line item Rev, Exp and gross profit(Gp) and Entity B has 3 line item Rev1 , Exp1, Gp1 . the Goal is to bring it to Entity C.


    Made modules and made LIS for each module( you can  consolidate both in 1 also )


    Made a new list which will be used as  dimension in module C viz, New Pnl line item ( total Rev, Total Exp, Total Gp). 

    I made a mapping modules where I have taken this list and 2 line items as Entity A and Entity B each with LIS format and made maintained mapping in front of each one( goal is to use collect)


    Further after Making a Mapping module I made 2 modules each for one entity to stored collected flow from source.



    Blueprint SS



    repeated same method for Entity B



    once done all what we need is to bring this data in Entity C. 



    in Entity C i have use new list and line items, have made Line item subsets for both entity in one for consolidation. and used sum as mapping to get the data.





    please find Snapshots for all details 



    LIS mapping for consolidated PNL 




    Hope this helps.



    Rahul Sharma


  • @CHSJ 

    Create three line item subsets (LISS) for each of the three modules; LISS_A, LISS_B and LISS_C. 

    If module A and B contain the same dimensions it may be possible to create one LISS and assign the line items from both modules; this LISS could be called LISS_AB. 

    Create a mapping module for each LISS, LISS_A and LISS_B. Create two modules if these can not be combined or one if they can. If they can be combined then a single mapping module for LISS_AB.

    Add a line item to these module and format it as a list assigning the LISS_C from module C.

    Now select from the pick list a line item from module C to each item in the LISS_A and LISS_B or the combined LISS_AB.

    In modules A and B add a new line item, adding the corresponding LISS for that module.

    Add the formula; COLLECT()

    In module C reference these line items in modules A and B and use SUM function, using the line items in the mapping modules to sum the data in each source module into the target line item in module C. 

    The formula will look something like this;Module A.NewLineItem[SUM:LISS_AMapping.LISS_C] + Module B.NewLineItem[SUM:LISS_AMapping.LISS_C]


    If modules A and B have different dimensions to the target module C then you will need to build in additional mappings. However, this is not stated so please elaborate if this is the case.