Importing Values to Booleans via Model to Model




I hope you are all doing well and good. 


I would like to ask about a challenge that I'm currently experiencing. 


Situation is, I need to create an action, just a simple action that will be published to the NUX. This will be an Import action within the same module via a Saved View. 


Please refer to the encircled line items below. I want the red to load its data to blue. 

When I run the import, it says, it has been successfully completed. But the TRUE value did not load to the target line item. It's still unchecked. Thanks for all of your inputs. 



Submit? Load >> Submit

Reject? Load >> Rejected? 








Best Answer

  • naveenmaurya

    Hi @jspascual ,


    Can you try using a dimension?

    Just create a list with only one item and using that list as a dimension in this module.


  • Hi @jspascual!


    I suggest checking the original view. Does it have user filters? Maybe the launching user hasn't configured the filter? Or does not have access to some element of the list in module?

    Another potential problem is that the import mapping is not configured to match (check it):


    Submit? Load >> Submit

    Reject? Load >> Rejected? 


    Additionally, it is worth checking the DСA. If it is active, the user will not see any errors during import, but the data will not be loaded (in this case, the workspace administrator will be able to load them even through the DCA). Maybe your import chain includes DCA for target cells?

  • I noticed that your import goes between models. Then there is a high probability of an error in the mapping (the line item was renamed, for example). This is the first thing to double-check.

  • Thanks for the reply, @AntonMineev . 


    This is an import within the same module, and I'm simply loading the value from "Submit? Load" to "Submit?"... There is no list dimension, these are all line item bool. Also, the "Submit?" button is not locked, and even if it is, since I'm logged in as a WA, I should be able to update it via import. 





  • I looked more closely.
    The @naveenmaurya is right, you have nothing in the columns in your view (judging by the screenshot). Therefore, it cannot import data. We'll have to add a technical element for the source.

  • Let me try that, @naveenmaurya and @AntonMineev . 

    Currently, there's no dimension on this module.


    I'll update you once done.