Data Load Integration from Sharepoint




We want to automate data loads from sharepoint to anaplan. Can we achieve this using anaplan connect?


What will be the other alternative if we can not?





  • @CommunityMember126473 


    Yes sure we can.


    Other alternatives are Third Party ETL tools like Dell Boomi, Snaplogic, Informatica, Mulesoft, Hyperconnect etc.

    If you don't want to procure licenses of these tools then REST APIs is another option. This is customizable and highly complicated



  • Thanks Misbah!


    So if we proceed with share point what will be the process to install Anaplan connect and schedule batch scripts in share point.




  • Hi,


    The below link has information about installation of Anaplan connect and batch schedule in desktop or server.

    But how we can schedule batches in share point?




  • @CommunityMember126473 were you able to setup connection to SharePoint? I have a use case that requires this too. If you have any links/examples/documentation, do you mind sharing?

  • No, as of now I have not found anything in this.

  • Hi @CommunityMember126473 ,


    Not sure if I have the best technical example, but when integrating with SharePoint I have done the following. 


    1. Create a dummy user in the domain that owns the Sharepoint. (like This was done to give access to SharePoint. 

    2. We had a Virtual Machine running on windows that we could use for scheduling tasks. Simply used that with the dummy user as the owner to schedule different Anaplan tasks. 

    3. Then we could set up integrations through Anaplan connect.


    Hope this helps. 



  • Not clear with this approach.

    How Anaplan connect or any connector  from virtual machine will pick files from share point (as there is a login required to open share point) and many other similar issues.


    Could you please share the script you have used for this.




  • Hi @CommunityMember126473 ,


    That's why I mentioned the dummy user within your companies domain that has access to SharePoint. We were running a VM with windows, so a normal login, just using the dummy user's credentials. Then you can synchronize a regular folder with SharePoint from which you pick up the files with Anaplan connect. 


    There is no difference in the script, all was done through the setup of the environment the script runs in.