Line Chart Showing Monthly Values for Fiscal Year Lines


I need to create a line chart showing the monthly values for each of several fiscal years as a line chart. The user wants to be able to see lines comparing each month in each fiscal year. For example, on the X-axis would be each month in the fiscal year, January to December, and on the Y-axis would be each fiscal year, FY21, FY22, FY23. This would allow the user to see a line for each fiscal year's January through December, and allow them to compare each year's results against the other years while also seeing seasonal/monthly variations over time.


I don't believe I can set years to one axis and months to another axis using the Model's time. So my plan is to create a list for Prior Year, Current Year, Next Year, etc. and then use a module to map what FY year the prior/current/future years are. This would be to make the chart sustainable and easy to update as years go by. I would then dimension the data module for the line chart by the list of years and have each of the module's line items dimensioned by month. I believe I can then create IF/THEN formulas for each line item to identify the value for each of the years at each month.


If there is a cleaner/easier way to accomplish what I am trying to do I would love to hear it. Or any feedback really.





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  • Misbah
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    I believe you are on right track. Having two different lists for Months and Years is the only Way forward. The only thing I would like to highlight is that Don't write Too many IF ELSE statements, see if it can be done using LOOKUP function and/or SUM function based on the mapping.



    Hope that helps



  • Thanks Misbah. I will try the Lookup/Sum functions first.

  • Hi Tim, found this as I also have this exact requirement. Just checking if you found a simpler method to create the chart?