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I need to filter the chart based on Time using Native Time Filter(Hierarchy Filter) In New UX . For This chart, I have published the view in UX having Time in Columns, Line Items as Rows and applied Hierarchy Filter of Time in Context Selector.

The Problem here is when I select month using Time Selection , the chart is showing the 3 months in the particular quarter since quarterly totals has been enabled for the model. But What I need is when I select a month using Native Selector, the chart should show all the months in that particular Year

Is there any way that we can control Hierarchy filter since I cannot remove quarterly totals from the models or I cannot move on to line item filtering for this chart?

I would love to hear , if there is any workaround for this?


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  • Misbah
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    In that case keep the selectors on cards. Year Selector in Chart Card and Month Selector in Grid Card




  • @PujithaB 


    So the intention is to populate all the months of that particular year which gets selected in the context selector.

    I fail to understand why is the month being selected in the Context Selector, instead you can have Only Years in the context selectors and Anaplan will take care of the rest if the Sync is enabled



  • @Misbah 

    Thankyou for the reply,


    There is one more grid in the same page which needs to be filtered by Month to populate monthly values only Whereas chart on the same pages has to show all the months in a year of the selected Month . So, I need both months and Years in the selection