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Hello everyone,


Our integration developers want to connect  to Anaplan via API 2.0. However, they need to know what is the upper limit of single chunk size. I know that Anaplan recommends dividing uploaded files into chunks not bigger than 50 MBs (source), so I assume it is a safe limit. However, you cannot set up chunk size when downloading file from Anaplan - server does it automatically, independently. Do you know what is the logic behind chunking files on Anaplan side (upper limit), preferably with link to official source (which I was unable to find)?


If you know it from previous experience/experiments (I remember it was 10 MBs, but I am unable to test it now), please share your thoughts.


Thank you in advance!

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  • chanaveer_k

    Hello @M.Kierepka - As you mentioned, the upper limit for upload chunk is 50MB. Integration solutions can upload chunks of sizes from 1MB to 50MB. Any other size is not guaranteed and may be rejected. This was done to optimize the way data is handled within Anaplan.


    Export chunks are fixed at 10MB in size. Please explain if you have requirement to download in larger chunks, and provide the use case.



    Chanaveer Kadapatti




  • Hi @chanaveer_k,


    Thank you for quick and exhaustive reply. Knowing the chunk size is enough for me for now (however, I think that setting up max chunk size for exports through API could be a nice enhancement).

    Is there possibility to update API documentation with this info? I can imagine some other developers might need this detail in the future.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Miłosz Kierepka