Copy and Paste not working on numbered list




I have a requirement where I want the user to select an item from the numbered list formatted line item and then copy the same item in rest of the rows, but this doesn't work and throws the error attached. The reason for this is that when I copy the item it copies the display name and not the code. Any idea how to achieve this? Thanks in advance. 



  • Try to create an additional line item with NAME() function. This will give you an ID of the element in the argument.
  • @ShekharGite I am trying to understand the requirement here. In a numbered list formatted line item, generally, business users would like to see the "display name" (which you might have defined in the Numbered List properties) to show. And when you copy the selected Numbered List from the line item, you would like to paste the "display name" not the code.


    If you want to copy the code of the numbered list, you might would like to create a line item, as text format, to get the code of the numbered list (code(item(<Numbered List Line item>))) and copy the code to the rest of the editable cells or use the "copy cells "  across / down as suggested by @KirillKuznetsov  



  • So the numbered list is a list of Account owners. Sales managers will only copy paste the display names, ids will be irrelevant for them. And copy pasting the display doesn't work.
  • I want the users to do this in the worksheet not in the module. Thanks!

  • So the numbered list is a list of Account owners. Sales managers will only copy paste the display names, ids will be irrelevant for them. And copy pasting the display doesn't work. Also Users will using the worksheet not the module. Thanks!
  • Do you think you can use code = Display Name for your case?

    This way while copy-pasting you will paste code and system will recognize an item and return the display name.


    If this approach is applicable, then actually you don't really need a numbered list here in the first place. But I may not see the whole picture...

  • Account Owners roll up to Regions and there can be different Account Owners with same name, that's why I have to keep it as numbered list.
  • Does the list have a code that could be copied instead? If it is the type of list without any code your options would seem to be more limited. 

  • This list have a code, which can be shown in the grid as a column and can be used for copying but don't want to go with that approach as that code will not make any sense to the end user and they would like to copy the name across the rows.
  • Then you would deffinetly need a code in some way of Personnel Number. For at least identifing one name from another one. Or as we've said - ID#

    I may not make sence for end user, but this as it's called "system limitations". And you, as model builder, define the rules of this game.

  • You also can try to use dependent selection to limit the list of selected elements. 

  • Users have selective access and still we have a lot of items in the Account owner list for a single Region
  • Then I think you have the only workaround:
    1) Set the Acccount owner list as non-numbered,
    2) Setup mechanism to adjust naming when there is a duplicate (John, John_1, John_2.... or John_Region1, John_Region2, John_Region3...) or you can setup import checkbox to "Adjust duplicate names to form unique names":

    This will allow users to copy and paste as in the US
  • I did not see an issue with copying and it worked fine on the worksheet.
    When you copy, it will copy the underlying Numbered list irrespective of the display name



    It didn't work for me, I guess it works with numbered list if the names are unique.

  • Finally figured out his is a bug in the UX Worksheet

    I replicated the scenario. It will copy and paste if you have no duplicate names.

    When you have duplicate display name, it strangely will just not paste.

    Log this with support