Recommendations: Your advice to future Connected Planning Interns



Anaplan Connected Planning Interns - share some of your best tips for future interns joining Anaplan. Your advice will be shared with future cohorts as you will now be part of the Anaplan Legacy Interns community!  Thank you!


    • Have a pen and notebook nearby; there will be times when you hear something interesting and want to write it down. You will likely also want to take notes during presentations!
    • Don't expect this to be like your friends' summer internships. The environment is different from any others. Everyone wants you to succeed and most people will not be competitive or unwilling to help if you need it.
    • Reach out if you need help, and once you are ready to stand more on your own two feet in terms of projects, you will feel more confident knowing that there is a support system around you.
    • Remember that everyone is coming from different backgrounds. If your internship cohort is similar to mine, not everyone will be an MBA. Someone may come from marketing, someone else from the health field. It may be difficult not to compare yourself, but you each bring something different to the table!
    • Good Luck! 🙂