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Hi Team,


May I have your support with a query I had raised and to which I have not had a response yet. 


This is my original query.


When pivoting time, I lose the weekly views and can only see the month's numbers, may I confirm how I can retain the weekly views whilst moving the months into the pages section. 


I was advised to do the below:


  1. All you need is a line item dimensioned by time (time formatted - month),  a line item dimensioned by time (boolean) and a line item which you will use as a user filter (month). User will select month via this filter. And it will drive the boolean to match the month.
  2. Month Li formula will have ITEM(TIME).
  3. Boolean formula: Month Li = Filter
  4. Then apply module with a filter by Filter Li

My first question is whether this has to be done in the SYS01 time module? What boolean formula am I to apply exactly, I'm not sure how to do this, is  it a separate line item?


Thank you 



  • I just realised another approach. Give me 5 mins i will explain.


    You will need the following:

    1) a module with no dimetions SYS99 Selectors. Line item Month selector (format: time period - month)

    2) in SYS01 time module your line item: "Time Formatted - Month" (which you already have)

    3) "Time formatted - Month filter" Li will have the following formula: 'SYS99 Selectors'.Month selector = 'Time Formatted - Month' (add summary "All")

    4) Publish 'SYS99 Selectors'.Month selector on the dashboard via View -> Publish selected line items

    5) Apply filter to the time scale "Time formatted - Month filter" = TRUE

    6) Save view

    7) Open this view

    8 Publish it on the DB


    The published 'SYS99 Selectors'.Month selector will be your criteria for filtering

  • Ok, you just need the following:


    Let's say you have a module with time scale (weeks) and line items.


    Create a module dimentioned by Months (no LI are required).



    Publish Selector from this module


    Publish module with data

    Apply Time Sync for this module


    After that you will be able to sync selected month



  • Is there a way to do this in the New UX? @KirillKuznetsov 

  • Not exactly, because unfortunately you can't publish page selector without the grid. But you can put this dummy grid in the end of your page (the months dimension has to be as page selectors in it's view). Then you have to enable Time filter on the Context tab for the main grid and enable syncronize. This has to work.
  • Yep that worked! Added dummy module with time as a selector, enabled time filtering on other modules and then deleted dummy module. The Time selector remains at the top of the page! Thanks

  • @matthewreffoldwow!

    Honestly, i did not think that after deleting you can keep the page selector as it was. Are you sure you can see only months and no weeks in page selector??


  • @mstanisicdid it work for you?

  • Yep. Page Selector remains.

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    Can AnyOne Help me why I am not getting options to overRide in Page ??