How to create Import/Export/Action or Process using Command Line/Shell Script in Anaplan


Iam running the below Command:


java -classpath "E:/Neha_Nayal/Anaplan/anaplan-connect-1.4.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar" com.anaplan.client.Program -k E:/Neha_Nayal/Anaplan/keystore.jks -ka keystore -kp keystore_password -workspace workspace_id -model model_id -service service_url -auth auth_url -file "Anaplan_Connect_Detail.txt" -put "E:/Neha_Nayal/Anaplan/Anaplan_Connect_Detail.txt" -import "Import from Anaplan_Connect_Detail.txt" -execute


My o/p comes like:



How can I specify  the action in the command itself.

Is it possible to create import, export action using command line itself?

An import, export, action or process must be specified before -execute