How to create a current value by multiplying the value before it with another value


Hi there,

I am trying to convert formulas from excel into Anaplan but am struggling with the formula in Anaplan.

The pictures i have uploaded show the type of formula i want to create. I guess what i want to know is how can you be specific about the exact cells you use in Anaplan.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Screenshot (69).pngScreenshot (71).png



  • @sophiedyason You need to leverage Anaplan functions to achieve these (You can try Lag, Offset etc)


    Please refer the functions available in Anaplan :



  • Hi @sophiedyason ,


    Create two line items which are I guess input and in the final value line item write the below formula. 

    Base - Base Input - (OFFSET(Base, 1, 0) - OFFSET(Base Input, 1, 0))





    Riyaz Pasha

  • Hi @sophiedyason ,

    Riyaz gave a really good solution. From me I would add one more thing:
    Based on preformance comparison of the time formulas (previous/next, lag/lead, offset, lookup) for your use case I would recommend to use NEXT() rather than OFFESET(). More you can learn here: Performance Comparison - OFFSET/LAG/PREVIOUS/LOOKUP

    The difference in performance in your case is not significant between the either options, but formula looks a bit cleaner this way: Base - Base Input - (NEXT(Base) - NEXT(Base Input)) 


  • @sophiedyason 

    If you data is a time series and you are using native time dimension then use PREVIOUS and NEXT to reference data from the cell one period before and one period ahead of the target cell. 

    If your data is not time series and you need to reference data from various sections of another list then you will need to create a mapping table which will inform which item should be reference on each occasion. For this use LOOKUP .