2022 Solution Architect and Certified Model Builder Certification Requirements

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Being a Certified Model Builder, Certified Solution Architect or Certified Master Anaplanner means that you’re an expert and highly qualified. You need to stay up to date on all the latest product releases and best practices, to maintain your certification and to enhance your expertise. Please review this new information about the certification-maintenance requirements for 2021 and 2022. This applies to all certified Anaplanners. New features and a new UX, launched in 2021, may require some additional steps for some of you.

Certified Model Builder or a Certified Solution Architect

The requirements to maintain certification are the same for both a Certified Model Builder and a Certified Solution Architect .

2021 Maintenance Requirements (valid through December 31, 2021):

If it has been a while since you achieved your certification, or you’re not sure if you’ve satisfied the 2021 requirements, visit this page to check to make sure you have met our 2021 maintenance requirements for all Certified Model Builders.

2022 Maintenance Requirements (valid through December 31, 2022):

  • In addition to the 2021 certification-maintenance requirements listed above, complete the 10-question quiz on the latest product releases and pass with a score of 80% or better

Note: If you’re not able to click the link to download the certificate of completion for any certification, that indicates that you may need to complete the Anaplan’s New User Experience course.

Certified Master Anaplanner

  • Make sure you have completed the 2021 & 2022 certification-maintenance requirements listed above so your Solution Architect certification is up to date, and
  • Collect 400 Contribution Points. Read more about your contribution-maintenance requirements here.

That's it! After passing the exam, you retain your certification for another calendar year. Need a little help passing the exam? There are many great resources, such as the Product Releases blog and Anapedia, to support you. 

To better support our ecosystem and to improve your certification experience, Anaplan will also be migrating to a new certification process and maintenance in 2022. We will be moving away from certifications based on course completions and moving to certification exams. More information on these changes will be coming soon!

For questions, please reach out to academy@anaplan.com, and we'll be happy to assist you. 


  • @ChrisMullen is there a reason the certificates aren't PDFs?

  • @ChrisMullen 


    Does it apply to Master Anaplanners as well? I believe retaining MA certification alone should suffice this. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Thanks @ChrisMullen . This was a great refresher of the new functionalities added within Anaplan platform.

  • AnyaS

    I like this new format!


  • This is great. Learned about a couple of new features. Very useful. Thanks @ChrisMullen 

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    I cannot upload my certificate level 3 after completed your Docusign document.

    So what is happenning on my connection ?

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    N.B : It is very important for me to receive the certification (new projets with new customer)

  • Thanks for this @ChrisMullen. Learned few new great features of Anaplan. I enjoyed this session, no too much pressure. I can truly associate it as  "Learning is fun". Kudos to you! 

  • Thanks for this, i have learned about some new features and had a few good refreshers too.

  • I've got to be honest, some of these requirements are getting a little ridiculous and it's very unfair how people have not had to jump through any of these hoops to get these certifications. My coworker got his Solution Architect just a few months ago, didn't have to do any of these things. The vast majority of Master Anaplanners have not had to do any of these things. 


    I understand we want these certifications to be meaningful, but they are not based much on the actual work or ability that people have, rather it's a lot of these things that I feel are tangential to actually being a great Anaplanner. It is creating an unfair view of the legitimacy of people's Anaplan skills in the market, especially to the HR and hiring folks who have no understanding of the technical aspect of Anaplan and only understand "this guy/gal has this level certification, this guy/gal has one less". 

  • @jakesachs 
    Thanks for your feedback. It can be frustrating when a process isn’t the same for everyone, which is exactly why we have certification requirements. We put these processes in place to create a level playing field for everyone who is learning Anaplan. Our requirements are meant to ensure that people have the skills that employers are looking for.  We have recently (in 2021) moved to a proctored test for Master Anaplanner. We take our certifications seriously.


    The 2022 Quiz is required of every learner who wants to obtain or maintain their certification through December 31, 2022. This is true for model builders, solution architects and Master Anaplanners. It is a short test of 10 questions that covers functionality that was added to the platform last year. We’ve received positive feedback on this approach and will continue to require a course or a quiz to maintain certification.