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Hello all,

I am looking for a solution wherein we set a specific time period ( 6 months) for certain users and post 6 months their access should be automatically terminated? is it achievable ?


Thank you 

Ankur Kulkarni 



  • @ankulkarni 

    Yes it is achievable , but at what cost!  it has its own nuances. You will be required to run process everytime

    at the time of addition of user. If its an automated job to add users then it wont be a big problem but if you manually add users into model then it will be an extra step at the time of addition which someone can miss.

    Explain a bit more about your use case so we can provide you the best possible way to do it.






  • Whenever employee is terminated in HCM as due to transfer to different country or leaving the organization the problem is again in OSC need to deactivate the user credentials if fail to do so still it show as active sales team members.


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  • Thank you for replying @abhay.kanik  currently we have 3rd party contractors using Anaplan for business purpose, as of now every employee logs into Anaplan via SSO and business wants to set a rule for termination of user license for certain period and this can be based on No Activity / or even if a straight rule of license deactivation for those users is set is also ok. 

    Secondly, if we proceed with automation of licensing is this achievable?


    Thank you 

    Ankur Kulkarni