Level 1: 10.2.2 - unable to load non employee expenses data


With the above mapping


With the above time settings



Still the data is not getting uploaded while message says it is success.


Tried all optio


  • @GNR 


    Might want to change your view so Time is in the rows with the other lists and your line items are in the columns. 

  • I tried swapping rows and columns, still the issue is not sorted out. 


    Request the team to help.

  • @GNR 


    Can you show the mapping of the other tabs?


    This is what I have:



    If yours is the same, then we need to look at the module.

  • @GNR 


    That is because your target module is dimensioned by E2 Employees when it should be dimensioned by E1 Departments.


    Go back to the module and change the dimensionality from Employees to Departments




  • When I reviewed in detail, realised that the wrong employee list is included in the module. Fixing it has resulted this issue. Thanks again for your help.