Dynamic Numbered List




I have Months as a numbered list. The number of items in this list is calculated based on user input. Each time the user changes the input, the list should be deleted and items should be created based on the new value.  Is it possible to dynamically create the number of items in a numbered list?






Best Answer

  • KirillKuznetsov

    I would suggest to create a subset for your Month list (month list will have the maximum of the months you expect users will need - for example 500). A TECH module with dimension of months list will analyze input and check (boolean) if the number of each period is bigger than the calculated required starting month number (5) and smaller than the ending month (485). This boolean you will use for import into the subset. Within this import action you will have to clear out the subset. For this you can create one more line item formatted "No Data" in this TECH module and setup an import to the subset to clear it out.


    Than this subset can be used wherever you need.



  • @NivyaRthere are various ways to achive it. Could you specify what user inputs? What should drive the list fulfillment?

  • The User would input 'Start month' and 'Term'. I then calculate the number of months to show as (12*Term + Start Month) For Ex: if User inputs Start Month as 5, Term as 40 (Years) Then number of months required to show in the list would be 12*40+5 i.e. 485. Month list should now have 5,6,7,8..,484,485 

  • Thanks a ton!! It worked 🙂