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I am having trouble with level1 importing employee data in SYS08.I share the mapping screenshots to please check this.


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  • @Swethaprash 

    That's great to see.

    Mapping data imports can take time to get your mind round but trust me it will become easier as you work with the platform over time and gain more experience. 

    If you found that I solution helped you succeed can you kindly mark my comment as the solution to your query.


  • Hi @Swethaprash ,


    You are almost there, the reason why you didn't get the auto mapping is because you have some difference in the line item name (Space or spelling) or the line item may have the formula or line item is missing

    1. Employee - you have already mapped the code to the employee list but if you want the name then add one more line item and mapped with employee but there is no need for this already you have an employee list.

    2.  Department code & country code: you have to map it manually because here line item name is different

    3. Commission % -  There is some space between % in your line item & file column header name

    4. Active? - you don't have any line item called Active?, Add this line item with the same name.


    Hope this helps!







  • Hello,

    I am still having trouble with level1 importing employee data into system module. In this employees,Department, country code and Active? Were not mapped. I share my screenshots.

     Can anyone  Help?



  • @Swethaprash 

    You need to map the line items manually. 

    You can map 'Country Code' in the source to the 'Country' line item in your target. 

    Ignore the remaining unmapped items.

    Also, ensure that the country line item in the target is formatted to the country list. 

  • Hi,

    I successfully imported data into SYS08 Employee Details.

    Thanks for helping me,