Report design question


In the attached screen shot you will see one of our report by Project and by Time. This module is dimensioned by Time, Project List, Function list and Funding type. We have data for actual, forecast and etc.


We need to see Project ID and Project Status information on this report. But if I add them as line item, they show up under every month. I tried hard coding the module view but people can select the month or year on the report.


Project ID is a property in the Project list. So I'm not sure if there's a good way to display that in this situation? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks.



Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote

    Try adding properties to the list and when creating the export action set up export labels to include list properties.


  • @lilasququ 

    Create a systems module dimensioned only by project. Add line items for the two project properties, format them by the relevant lists and populate them as per each project. 

    Publish this additional grid alongside the time series data.

  • Alongside? do you mean in a different card? Users want to export the one grid as a report so it cannot be separated.

    Is there a way to them combined?

  • Thank you. So in order for the export to happen it seems I will need to create a button on the UX page. Users only have access to the dashboard. Is there not a solution to include that on the grid or in the export from the grid?

  • No.

    The best way to show time series data alongside non time series data is to use two cards.

  • Thank you