Module in Anaplan - data presentation



I have a 'Project list' to which multiple ARs can be assigned.

The module has a dimension - project and one of the line items refers to the representation of the ARs assigned to those projects.

I am wondering if it is possible to represent it in Anaplan in such a way:

ProjectLine items - ARLine items - Value
Project 1 AR1200
Project 2AR3100
Project 3 AR450


AR needs to be presented as line items, no another dimension. 

Thank you in advance for the reply. 


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  • @Dominika_Dudzinska 

    What you are looking for is not possible. 

    How about adding the AR list as a dimension and asking users to check a boolean against the intersection of project and AR to indicate that the AR belongs to that project? 

    The second line item can then hold the value.

    Alternatively, create a hierarchy where the AR is assigned as the child of the project. 

    This would then allow you to view the AR by project in rows and value in columns.

  • I do prefer the Hierarchy List approach as any data updates etc can be managed easily aswell.



  • Ok, thank you guys for your support. 

    I created a hierarchy, but I was wondering if there was another way to present it.


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