Level 2 - Sprint 1 Activity Create Import Distribution Center Details Saved View




  • Module Name: SYS07 Location Details 
  • Saved View Name: Import Distribution Center Details 
  • Filter to show only Distribution Centers 

Select SHOW for the Default Shipping Method line item and save the view.


How to Filter to show only Distribution Centers means? I just added filter to it but no values appeared.


Best Answer


  • @akssaju 


    All you have to do is to create a boolean formatted line item within the module and write "TRUE" in the formula bar.

    Make sure you don't change the summary from "None". 


    Apply this filter to the module if needed.


    Hope that helps




  • @akssaju


    Original query was not about default shipping. It was about Showing Distribution Centers only for which Boolean formatted line item was required and then the filter needed to be applied. So far so good


    For Default shipping to be updated you need to load/Import the data which might be given to you in subsequent sections, if not already provided.