Add comment field to a Time dimensioned module


We have a process that users import data via Excel to Anaplan. The file format is shown as attached. The business would like to add a comment field at the end of the column for each project (see screenshot. the comment field is just a mock-up on Excel and does not exist in Anaplan yet).


To add a comment field in this time dimensioned module and nicely present it on the export, any recommendation? Thank you!

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  • rob_marshall



    You can use the same file for multiple imports so I would store the comments in a SYS Project module that does not have Time associated with it.


    Also, in looking at the Project code, are those numbers part of a date or the real project code?  I ask because having the date as part of a code could lead to longer (bigger) lists than actually needed.




  • Please attach the file
  • Strange I did upload as picture. I've just posted it in the reply. Thanks.

  • These project codes are truly codes.


    I guess you meant creating an additional import action to include in this process and it will be seamingless to the users? 


    They actually export this file first, update numbers and import it back. Then they will have to add the comments by themselves I assume?

  • @lilasququ 


    Crazy question, but why are they exporting the data, updating it, and then importing it back in?  Why not just update the data within Anaplan?

  • Do you mean to update the data directly on the web?


    Because there are too many projects to update....People just like using Excel...



  • So even if people update data within Anaplan, would there be a good way to present the Comment field on the grid?

  • @lilasququ 


    Not in the way you have it in the above attachment.  It would be on a different card.

  • If your users insist on using Excel, have you considered using the add-in which will allow you to write back into Anaplan after each edit. 


    Or you could create a worksheet and train the users to pivot and filter the data to allow them to edit directly in Anaplan. 


    Exporting and importing back seems completely redundant.