L2 Conclusion: Importing Currency data


Hi guys, I'm struggling to import the data into my new list created: Country Currency.


Error shows that the duplicates under Euros are not populating in the list


Could I get some guidance as to how I am supposed to approach this and populate the countries using Euros as well?


Thanks in advance


  • The error that you are experiencing is informing you that the information has already been imported, under a combination of Name (if it is a non-numbered list) or Code (if either numbered or non-numbered list)

    If you are trying to have each member as a child of the country with the same name, I would look into numbered lists. If you are just trying to load each type of currency, it is a 1 to many relationship, and maybe you should look into using a module to distribute the information once you load the initial list choices (eg. Euro can go to Germany and France in the module, but you would only need 1 Euro in your line item that has a list format)
  • Hi obreigr,


    Mnay thanks for your reply. I believe that the wording for L2 might have led me to be a little confused and your explanation definitely help clear it up.