How to delete a subset?




I accidentally created a subset under a wrong list. In activity Create s G3 Location: Distribution Center? List Subset  I was supposed to create subset under Try It Hierarchies but I accidentally created under Location Flat, now I'm not able to delete it since it is referenced in 'DAT01 Beginning Inventory' module. Please help to figure out. Screenshot attached.


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  • rob_marshall



    so you have the correct idea, but you have to remove it from the module it is being used in first.


    Go to DAT01 Beginning Inventory and remove it from the Applies To.

  • obriegr
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    1) Go to the module that is referencing the list.
    2) Remove the reference to the list (applies to can be blank!)
    3) Proceed to delete the subset from the list view
    4) Add the subset to the appropriate list
    5) Return to the module that you have removed the subset from it, and click on the triple dot to add back the selection. Use Control+Click to select more than one dimension if necessary!


  • I think I figure it out. But I'm little bit confused.


    Import Data into DAT01 Beginning Inventory Module

    Before you continue, confirm the formula for the Filter line item: Beginning Inventory<>0

    This line item will be used to filter the data to show only the product SKUs for which each Distribution Center carries inventory.


    I will attach the screenshot of my result after importing data into 'DATA01 Beginning Inventory' module. Please check whether it is right or wrong.

  • @akssaju 


    In order to delete a subset, you must remove all references to it which can be seen in the last two columns in the subset tab.