Level 2 - Import into SYS08 SKU Details module




In activity into SYS08 SKU Details module it says Use the saved view from the Data Hub model to import into the Supply Chain model SYS08 SKU Details module. In this which saved view we have to import there are 2 saved view. 

1. Build SKU 

2. Import SKU Details

In  Supply Chain model SYS08 SKU Details module there 2 Dimension: Supply By and Product Family I don't have these dimension in both saved views.

Please help to figure out. Screenshot attached



  • @akssaju 

    You need to create a child list of product which is the SKU list.

    Then use the build Sku saved view to build this list. 

    Lastly, use the Sku detail to import into SYS08.


    Finally, the SYS08 module is just showing the product list which is the parent of the Sku. There are no other dimensions present in the module other than line items. 

  • I'm importing Import SKU Details to module SYSO8 SKU Details in Supply Chain model, but no values in SYS08 even after importing. I hope I mapped it correctly. Attaching the screenshot.

  • I'm attaching Blueprint view of SYS08 SKU Details module in Supply Chain model.

  • From the screeenshots you have supplied it does not appear that you have created the SKU list yet.

    You need to import the data from the hub to allow you to create the SKU list before you can populate SYS08.


  • I sorted it out. While importing in P3 list from Supply Chain model I didn't map parent column. Once I did that, SYS08 filled with values. Thank you so much for the help.

  • Hello, I imported the sys08 sku details but I still see the supplied column empty. Could you please help me with this?

  • Even I have the same issue, where I have mapped the P3 SKU List properly everything got mapped efficiently there, but when it comes to Supplied By in SYS08 it's not getting mapped. Can anyone please?

  • Flame

    Use only SYS12 SKU Details in module don't use saved view you automatically get the Supplied By. only import it properly.

    Best Regards,

    Rohan Suvarna