Dashboards - User Usage


Hi Colleagues,


I've recently started doin a cleansing exercise in one of our models to remove old and redundant data (lists, modules, actions, dashboards, contents, etc), pretty much everything that we can think of.  We don't use the new UX and pretty much all the navigation is done through open dashboard buttons rather than through contents panel. 


Here, my question is: how I could easily or more effectively identify which are the dashboards that were not used in a while? Asking our users won't be a solution as we deal with over 100 and we'd also bump into a change management problem where majority are comfortable with keeping old data, although they do not use.

Also, "Start day and time" does not apply to open dashboards actions so it's not big of help over here. 


Did any of you bumped into this query? What clever solution worked for you?