8.5.3 Activity: Different data problem


Hello all,

I am working on Level 1 activity 8.5.3. I imported the file without any problem but my numbers are different from the screenshot given by the course module. 

Could you please help me with that?



  • @MerveGollu 


    Can you open the source file and see what numbers do you have in source file?



  • Hi Misbah!

    Attached you see the source file.


  • @MerveGollu 


    That unfortunately is not the source file  - this is the module.


    Source file as in - where is the csv file that you have uploaded? Or are you importing it from Data Hub?

  • @Misbah 

    I am sorry, my bad! Here is the source file.

  • @MerveGollu

    Can you check your Location List and verify the codes. Here is what you need to have. It looks like your codes may have been swapped.



  • @Misbah 

    Yes, I don't have codes next to the countries. How can I solve this problem?



  • @MerveGollu 


    It depends how have you uploaded the list. Ideally it should be coming from Data Hub. 


    Step1 : Go to "Location Details" module in the Data Hub - you might be having codes there as well.

    Step 2: Go to Saved View in this module where you would be having Code Line item as well. If not, create one.

    Step 3: Use this saved view to load into Level 1 Location list.

    Step 4: Re run the import Volumes file in REV02 module