Subject: Data Import - Replace Unmapped Data with Zero's


I'm importing the budget from a CSV file and 500 was previously entered as a test case in every account in Anaplan.  is there a way for my CSV to replace each account, rather than add?  For example, if i dont have an account listed, can zero replace the 500 or do i have to replace all the 500's manually?

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    There is an option to replace all records or just the records that are matched and imported in your file.  If you go to Data-->Import and select your file, it will take you to the Import mapping setup.  Then if you go to one of the tabs to the right where you have your Line Item, List and Time mappings, it will ask you if you "Which target items to clear prior to import?"  Matched items only or All items

    Data Import Tabs and Settings to Clear Prior to Import:

    1st Tab > Mapping - select fields to import here

    2nd Tab > Balance Sheet Data Load Line Items (representing Actual and Budget) - Do NOT clear All here or all Actual data will be lost.  DO select Matched items.

    3rd Tab > BS1 (where Balance Sheet Accounts are located) - DO select clear All items here (this will overwrite mapped Accounts and replace unmapped Accounts with 0).

    4th Tab > Time - provides option to clear all months or selected months.  Do NOT opt to clear All months here, instead, DO select Matched Items Only.

    Note:  Ensure import file shows the maximum number of decimal places you would like to track.