Saved views versus Custom views for NUX


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As a best practice I create custom views when building in the NUX.  I have plenty of colleagues that still prefer making saved views and bringing those into the NUX. Their reasoning is more based on comfortability than best practices.  Wanted to ask the community on where people stand on best practices for the NUX?  Are there scenarios that anyone has come across that custom views cannot handle but saved views will and what are they? 


I would love to create a cheat sheet as to why or when it is appropriate to use saved views versus custom for dashboarding in the NUX.  Any help or thoughts would very much be appreciated.




  • @jwrenne01 


    Have you seen the section on this in the Planual?



    Specifically, 4.01-02



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  • Thanks Rob!  This certainly kicks things off.  


    Custom views:  

    1)  Allows for more colors and and styles for conditional formatting.



    Saved Views:

    1)  When the same data layout will be used for multiple cards. (Sometimes, typically I still create custom views.)

    2)  Column width needs to be specific. 


    Questions for everyone: 


    Are there any other cases for when saved views are the better choice? 

    What other inherent functionality can only be utilized through custom views? 






  • It isn't possible to filter on line items using a line item subset in custom views.

  • @jwrenne01 wrote:

    Saved Views:

    1)  When the same data layout will be used for multiple cards. (Sometimes, typically I still create custom views.)

    @jwrenne01actually you can use save the card as template in new UX if you want to duplicate the layout. Also this alows you to modify the saved template if let's say you want to select another line item in page selector in this copy. This eventually can save you even more time comparing to using saved view.

  • @KirillKuznetsov It is true: custom views in NUX can be saved as card templates..However, if you need to change the layout (add columns, etc...) you need to modify the card template and republish in all pages. 

    If saved views are used, you can change the saved view in the module and all the pages where the saved view was used are automatically updated without needed to republish. 


    However, because of the fewer functionalities present on the published saved views, I also mostly use the NUX custom views. 🙂


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  • @alexpavelthank you for your addition.

    You are right, saved views will help you in cases when you need exact views on various Pages. But Templates can be used in cases when you need to change just a little bit in the template and save some build time instead of creating a card from scratch.

  • My experience is if you have nested dimensions and want to show different items for different pieces you MUST use a Saved View.



                         MTD                                                                       YTD

    Client            PY Revenue        CY Revenue        Variance        Variance


    Because you have different line items against MTD and YTD list, currently this is impossible to create in NUX from Custom View.

  • Something I haven't seen mentioned yet is whether or not ALM is active. If you have to run a sync from DEV to PROD to update any Saved View it may make more sense to recreate them as Custom Views so that you can still update them in the PROD App without needing a sync (imagine if your PROD model only does a sync once a week or less)