Why characters get garbled via model to model imports





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I have a situation here.

When I upload a text file(with special characters) to Model A's list and then import the list data from Model A to Model B, characters get garbled in Model B.

  text file -> Model A  ***text encoding: Windows-31J(MS932), Totally no problem***

  Model -> Model B ***characters get garbled***



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  • CeciliaRen
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    After rerunning the process, garbled characters became normal.

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  • @CeciliaRen 

    Would you like to share some screenshots. It seems strange

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    Thank you for reply.


    Yes, kind of strange. Here are some screenshots.

    If you have any idea please contact me.

    I'm checking the process log now, and considering run the batch again incase there are some trash remained unupdated.


    ***options for text file -> Model A


    ***Data in Model A



    Data import Model A -> Model B

    ***Data in Model B



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  • @CeciliaRen 


    Have you tried changing the text encoding option