Data Discrepancies Between What's Displayed In App Page and Source Model Module


I recently ran into an issue where there were data differences between what was displayed in the app and what was displayed in the source model. The source model had the accurate data while we could not trace where the data in the app had come from. I checked the usual suspects to confirm I was looking at the same modules/line items and confirm my pivots were the same yet still saw the discrepancy for over an hour. The issue then seemed to resolve itself where the data matched without any changes (that I know of).


Has anyone run into this issue before? Is this a known bug? Is there another potential cause I may have overlooked?


  • @jrimmer93 


    I haven’t so far. 

  • @jrimmer93  I had a situation recently where I made a revision to a module and the App showed incorrect data for some users, it appeared the custom view got "stuck" between the old vs. new module setup.  To resolve I had to open the card configuration and update the view even through the pivot/line items were displaying correctly.  


    It was incredibly odd as the view issue was not consistent across users - I wasn't able to replicate the issue using my account but one of my end users screen shared to show that they were seeing different values than what was displayed for me.

  • Appreciate the feedback. That seems similar to what I saw and I may have republished the view myself when I was looking into it (which may have been why the issue seemed tor resolve itself).

    I'm a late adopter of the new UX and assuming this issue is pretty rare but it would be helpful to know from Anaplan if this is in fact a bug.
  • @jrimmer93 It's quite really strange that the app shows totally different numbers from the source module. 

    App pages are always taking the data from the modules of the source model. 


    What could happen is that on a page, the context selector could not be in-sync with the grid from the app when the page is opened for the first time.

    It happens sometimes that when the users open a page, the context selector shows version Actual (or another element), but in the grid are shown the numbers from another version. 


    In order to solve the issue, the user just needs to choose another Version from the context selector and re-choose the Version: this way the page is "forced" to be in-sync again with the page selectors. 


    Hope it helps