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How to calculate model size in MB at Anaplan workspace? What size of list item? What size of cell in module? How to plan future expenses for Anaplan?


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    Model size in Anaplan is based on the number of cells in the model and each cells takes up approximately 10 bytes of space.  This converts to each cell taking up 0.000000009313 GB so the size of a 1 billion cell model in Anaplan could be estimated as 1,000,000,000 cells x 0.000000009313 GB per cell or 9.3 GB.


  • Actually it's quite clear how to calculate module size. What about list size? To my experience the only list with 6 million items in a model with NO MODULES at all occupies more then 4 GB of workspace. So th question is - what size of each record in a LIST?
  • Possibly any data loads would be taking up GB as well, unless you delete the data source from the cloud.

    But a list does has properties and subsets, which could be adding to the space.

    Quick calc though 6M items to **** out to 4GB, seems like the list must have more to it than we can see? Are you sure about those figures?
  • I try to load pure list into empty model. There are no properties, subsets and totals in a list. There are no modules in the model. I've shown the case of model growing during import list items to Anaplan support online. Each list item has size in a model. Big number of list items gives us visual approval of my suggestion. What size in kB of list item? I think something about 50 - 70 kB. Am I right?
  • Each list item carries a memory allocation of 500 bytes per item. This is an estimate to allow for the item name, item code, parent and other built-in properties, along with internal indexing that is needed to give efficient look-ups.

    Custom properties are additional to this - the size for custom properties is calculated as if they were a 1-dimensional line item.
  • Hi,

    Could I just validate the cell size ? On this thread it's been given as 0.000000009313, is it not 0.0000000074126 ?

    As this is an old thread I thought I would validate this.