What's wrong here?


Source  (Line Item Type is Number)                               Target (Line Item Type is Number)

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Import Action:




Failing even after every possible mapping





  • Hi @CommunityMember126793 


    I don't know what business case you're trying to solve, but it seems weird to me that you're copying a single value to another single cell.


    But in anycase, i think you're right that you'll continue to experience the import error.


    1. What you can do is insert a single member dummy list, as shown below.



    2. Create the source and target module as shown below (only source module is shown below, but target module is the same).



    3. The import action is shown below.






  • @CommunityMember126793 as strange as it seems.. it seems that Anaplan cannot handle as source a module without any lists. 


    A solution is what @LipChean_Soh  suggested: to create a different module with a dummy list that contains one element and reference the cell from module A.. this way, the new module can be used as a source to import data into your target module B. 


    Hope it helps


  • @LipChean_Soh Leave aside the use-case for an instance (though I can make 1 here) but let's check what's not handled by the platform, to enrich it further.

    Use Case: Model x has a module of line type date where it keeps the Current Date / Period in DataHub which to be pulled into spoke model into another system model which also has 1 line item date type.


    Thanks @alexpavel  @LipChean_Soh for your inputs