Multiple import steps in a Process - merge file selection?


Using the same csv file, I want to be able to import to different modules and it will be seamingless to the users.


But the "Choose File" button appears twice when I click on the button even though it's the same file I'm importing. Is there a way to show it only once? Thank you.



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  • obriegr
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    When you import the original file, it creates a file description in the import window (scroll down, it is the last one). If you select the file again, and define the import using that, when you bring both actions into the process it will only request one file.




    If you are doing it at two different times, you may need to import the file into the actions area. The file needs to be the same file name and type, "demand_data.csv" in this instance.





  • Strange. Whenever I've used the same source file multiple times in a process I've only been asked once to select the file.

    It is 100% the same source file you're using? Dumb question I know but have to check these things.

  • @andrewtye 

    If you are loading the same file to multiple places and select the upload new file each time, sometimes it will create the opportunity to load separate files when you place them into the same process.

    The most important part is using the SAME exact file name and file type!

  • I got it. The file names in the source label have to the same.


    I'm adding a new import action and the file name is different, even though I can use the same file for all imports. I just renamed the file and created a new import action. It works now.