Synchronizing members on two grids


I have two cards (see attached screen shot) on the new UX dashboard. (different dimensions for the 2 modules so they couldn't be combined to 1 grid)


My goal is that, when I select the project (row) on the left grid, only the project that I select will show up on the right grid. So the project members synchronize. I think used to do similar things on classic dashboard but not sure how to achieve it here... Thanks!




  • @lilasququ 


    so, to sync them the way you are wanting is not fun (actually, not sure you can do it).  What I would suggest is to pivot the right card with Project on the top.  This way, when they click on the project on the left, it will automatically sync and they can put their comments in.



  • on the top meaning on the page selector? I tried but it didn't work out. What did I miss here...

  • @lilasququ 


    On the card on right, pivot the project to the Page...Then, on the context, make sure it is sync'd.




  • I can't make it work. It seems it only creates a page selector on the page but does not sync with the grid on the left?

  • @lilasququ 


    see if this helps








  • No it doesn't.

    Will it be because the card on the left is a fixed module view? But I"m only trying to populate the selection for the one on the right. 


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    I will DM you

  • @lilasququ 


    Did you get this figured out as I never heard from you?